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Who is The Gas Fireplace Service Company ?
Formally established in 1995, The Gas Fireplace Service Company 
is a factory-certified, wholly-independent gas fireplace service
and maintenance company.

Why just ‘Service’?
By concentrating on gas fireplace service and maintenance 
after the sale and after the unit’s been installed,
The Gas Fireplace Service Company 
is able to focus purely on the homeowners’ needs.
In fact, educating the homeowner on how to properly maintain 
a gas fireplace to ensure peak-operating performance is one of
the company’s main objectives.

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How important is it that the technicians
be Factory Certified?
Factory Certification is Very Important.
As a natural gas appliance, a gas fireplace can suffer the same perils
and cause the same problems as a gas furnace or a gas hot-water heater.
Homeowners should insist that their gas fireplace technician
be factory-trained and certified to ensure

That the most current maintenance procedures & safety precautions as defined by the manufacturer are taken, 
That the unit can be properly adjusted to prevent irregularly high and possibly fatal emissions, and
That all of the gas fireplace components are in good,  solid working condition.
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What kind of regular Service is recommended?
Gas fireplaces need annual maintenance.
The various components that make up a gas fireplace,
including the gas valves and lines, need to be inspected, tested,
cleaned and adjusted according to factory specifications
annually to ensure that the unit is working efficiently and safely.
The 20-Point Maintenance sm program
is recommended and can be performed before, during or after
the fireplace season.  This program is a series of inspections, tests
and adjustments made to ensure that your gas fireplace is
operating at its peak and safest performance level.
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The Gas Fireplace Service Company’s
customer-oriented values include
H .E. A.T .
Honest  - always be honest and forthright with your customer
Effective  - be ready for service or action
Affordable - be reasonably and fairly priced
Trained - maintain certifications, stay trained
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